I am running a one-man company which means no big administration and all the other stuff.

Just me, my passion for riding my bike, and the desire to show other people what a great country Norway is for bike riding.

To be able to do this there is a set of requirements that the participants and I will have to meet.

  • I will do all the over-night bookings

  • All the hotels, ferries and gasoline are included in the price

  • Breakfast is included in the price

  • Guiding will be done by me

  • I will take no responsibility for any damage to persons or bikes

  • All participants must bring their own bike with space for all the luggage

  • All bikes must be insured

  • All riders and passangers must have travel insurance

  • All bikes must have international road assistance

  • No bikes below 250cc

  • The bikes must be in good working condition, and to be “trusted”. We want as few mechanical breakdowns as possible

  • All riders must have some experience. The trip is not for new beginners. You cannot be afraid of riding through long tunnels with sometimes bad illumination

  • Bring clothing for worm, cold and rainy weather.

  • All transport to and from Norway must be organized by the participants

  • All payments shall be done prior to departure

  • Trips will start every morning around 09:30

  • Lunch, dinner, drinks and other purchases shall be carried by the participants

  • The riding will begin around 9:30-10:00 AM every day.