The trip

Hi there. I would really like to take you MC-riding in my beautiful country of Norway. Probably one of the best places on earth to ride your bike. I have been planning and riding routes for many years now, and there is so much to see.
To get up early in the morning with the knowledge that a 400 km ride through breathtaking scenery lies ahead is just a true passion.

I would like to share this with others, and I have put together a 5 days trip around the southern half of Norway. The tour will take us through many of the most stunning places, and will leave you with memories for a lifetime.

Dates are for 2017 and are marked red because of other dates in the following years. If a group decides to join, the dates can be adjusted to their needs. 

The trip will start in Grimstad 9. June and end in Kristiansand 13. June.
The plan is to be able to reach the ferry from Kristiansand to Denmark leaving at 6 PM.
We need to start riding 9. June from Grimstad at around 9:30 am. You can stay over in a hotel in Grimstad from the day before.

The only thing not under my control is the weather.  But this time of year it is more often nice


We will:

  • Pass the Heavy Water plant of Rjukan known from the war movie Heros Of Telemark

  • Clime the Trollstigen (Troll ladder)

  • Ride through Geiranger which is the backdrop for the movie The Wave

  • Ride mountain passes, deep valleys, spectacular fjords and along the North see

  • Go through the worlds longest car-tunnel (24 509m). It is big, well illuminated and has several big stoppable halls illuminated with blue light

  • Only visit one big city, witch is Bergen on the west coast

  • Stay at good respectable hotels. Some small and cosy, some bigger.

Day 1: Grimstad to Geilo. 9. June. ””Km

Day 2: Geilo to Åndalsnes. 10.June. 482Km

Day3: Åndalsnes to Gudvangen. 11. June. 444Km

Day 4: Flom to Haugesund. 12. June. 277Km

Day 5: Haugesund to Kristiandsand (The north sea road). 13. June. 404Km